Post-Primary debate look with WKU professor

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -The first republican primary debate just took place and it was a heated one for sure.

News 40 spoke a professor of political science at Western Kentucky University to weigh in a little on the first debate Thursday night, he said it made for “interesting theater”.

He noted that former president Donald Trump not being present and instead shooting an interview with Tucker Carlson was different, especially since Trump is such a popular figure in the Republican party.

He also said one of the “relevant players” is Vivek Ramaswamy who at the time of the debate certainly wasn’t leading the pools. IIt was interesting how much fire went at Ramaswamy because he was a sort of political novice. right. businessman. but people clearly are threatened by him for some reason” the professor said in his interview.

Of course News 40 asked about Chris Christie and his approach might not resonate well with everyone, in Turner’s opinion. He said due to his time as a prosecutor, his northern “attack dog” personality might turn off some of the southern vote.

Turner also commented on Tim Scott, to which he said he felt he debated well but warned that his approach might come to an end. Turner said while Scott is trying to play the more positive role, eventually staying out of the arguments will become a past time for him if he stays in the race.