Pop-up clinic provides vaccinations for underserved community here

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The very first vaccination pop-up clinic was held Wednesday morning in Warren County to help vaccinate some of the underserved population in the area.

A local church partnered with the health department to better serve their community.

Underserved areas have had some troubles getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church was the site for a pop-up vaccination clinic hosted through the Barren River District Health Department.

That church in an area of an underserved community in Bowling Green where many don’t have access to a car.

Wednesday morning, the very first vaccine was given to a 92-year-old woman, Sylvia Parrish.

“I feel good about it, to be able to do that,” said Parrish.

This was part of a push by Governor Beshear to vaccinate people in underserved areas in the state, according to Johnalma Barnett, the coordinator for the clinic.

“This is an underserved community with a high minority of brown and black people in it,” said Barnett.

Many people in these underserved areas are essential workers.

“A lot of these people are going to be your frontline workers that you are going to see maybe at Walmart working for you and at different locations that they are front line, so they should care because these people are going to be all over town. Because, we know, when a lot of the people got to stay at home, when a lot of these people got to stay at home and do their jobs, a lot of these people did not,” said Barnett.

Also, there is often an issue with transportation for some people in these communities that desperately needs to be address, and these kinds of clinics alleviate some of those issues.

According to Mount Zion’s Pastor John Lee, he wants to help the community he serves in any way possible.

“We look at the issue of transportation. For people who do not have transportation, they can just walk. We are working with First Christian Church, thank them for providing transportation. We don’t mind running to get them. We want to make sure that the only reason people do not get this vaccination is because they don’t want it. But for those who want to be vaccinated, we want to make it available to them,” said Lee.

At Mt. Zion, 100 people were vaccinated in total on Wednesday.

More pop-up clinics will be held in the upcoming days and weeks, but as of right now, all spots are full.