Plastic shortage impacts local small business

BOWLING GREEN,Ky. – Supply chain issues brought on by the covid pandemic continue to wreak havoc on local businesses. Now inflation and soaring gas prices are only adding insult to injury for small business owners.

Mike McKinney, who owns the comic book store The Archives in Bowling Green says his business continues to be impacted by the lack of a very essential item …plastic

“we get ’em every chance we get and we go through them! It’s been just hard to get anything plastic this year without paying premium price for them”

McKinney says there are comic books that he cannot place on stores shelves because without covers the books could disintegrate or be damaged.

Another essential supply that is difficult to get is the cardboard backing to help keep the comics in good condition.

But the newest obstacle for McKinney’s small business is the soaring price of gas.

“Gas prices affect everybody. Your hobbies are always your last money, it’s never your first money. Your first money goes to rent,mortgage, food and gas.”

With people paying more at the pump, that leaves less “fun” money for things like comic books.

McKinney isn’t letting these obstacles slow him down though, he says through tough times,  you just don’t give up.

“Getting ready for the unknown is tough. You just don’t know. It’s the unknown. So you just do the best you can. You go on and keep plugging along. That’s what you do as a small business, you don’t give up, you just keep going.”