Pet safety in the summer heat

BARREN COUNTY. Ky. – The Barren River Animal Welfare Association is encouraging pet owners to practice pet safety in the hot summer months.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that a pet needs a break, water and shade, just like a human does.

They advise pet owners to beware that pavement may be too hot for a dog’s paws and should be tested before having the pet walk on it.

They also have Buddy Camp going on this week where some of the campers did a public service announcement project.

One camper did hers on heat safety for animals.

“The way that you check and see if what they are walking on is too hot for their paws is you use the back of your hand and lay it on the ground for five seconds and if you can’t leave it there longer than five seconds, then it’s too hot for them to walk on,” Hannah Morrison, a camper, said.

The shelter also warns against leaving animals in cars along with leaving animals outside without water and shade.

Valorie Smith, humane education coordinator, says, “signs of overheating are excessive panting, rapid heartbeat, maybe even a little lethargic, and vomiting.”

Many of us see our pets as family members so it is important that we take care of our fur babies in the summer months heat.