People in the area desperately need food donations

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With people’s hours cut at work, some people without jobs, medical bills, past due bills and many other circumstances, thousands of people in the area are food insecure.

United Way of Southern Kentucky is partnering with local businesses to help get food to people in need in the community.

Businesses around the area can participate in the Feed the Need food drive through April 16 by calling the United Way of Southern Kentucky.

Individuals can help by donating non-perishable food items to the United Way or one of the businesses hosting a food drive.

Elizabeth Newbould with the United Way of South-Central Kentucky said everyone needs help physically, mentally, emotionally or even educationally at some point in their lives, so helping others is important.

“Right now there are many thousands of people here in our local community in need and it’s such an easy way to help others whether it’s just donating one canned good or donating dozens of dried good items. It’s an easy way to help someone without spending a lot of time or energy doing so,” said Newbould.

Bob Wilson, the president of the Kentucky Veterans Brigade and the Veteran’s Alliance Center said they have given out the same amount of food in 2021 already as they did in all of 2020, and it is only March.

“The need now is just as great as it was in the past, however, when pretty much everybody was out of a job, or the majority was out of a job, we were all thinking about each other. We were thinking about our brothers and sisters who needed assistance. Now that people are going back to work, their lives changed. They have a 9 to 5 everyday or a 7 to 2, whatever they are working, so they are kind of forgetting about the people who are still out there on the street. They still need to eat,” said Wilson.

Feed the Need along with many local charities are working hard to help those people get the food that they need.

In order to do that, they need the community’s help.

You can also drop off food to the Veteran’s Alliance Center in the Fairview Plaza to help support veteran’s and people experiencing homelessness and hunger.