Pain at the pump: when will gas prices go down in Bowling Green?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-In Bowling Green, gas prices are hovering around $4.79. Nationwide, the average is $5.01. 

“I think actually that gas prices are not gonna come down right now, I think they’re gonna get higher,” said WKU Assistant Professor of Finance Dr. Jonathan Handy. 

Prices forcing a lot of people to be deliberate about their driving…

“I’m definitely making sure that I’m kind of planning my trips to make sure that I’m being strategic with where I’m going to make sure I’m not wasting money on gas,” said a resident. 

 Or only driving when they have to. 

“We’re going to visit my father and move my mother into an assisted home so we have to travel but I think right now people are traveling because they have to travel,” said another resident. 

Unfortunately, locally, a lot of people have no other options.

“I think Bowling Green and Warren county are going to be hit rather hard by the increase in these gas prices because many people have long commutes to work, we’re a very spread out community” said Dr. Handy. 

“I have to drive. I have no choice.”

President Biden says the main reason for the hike in prices is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Biden has sent a letter to seven oil refineries calling for immediate action towards boosting supply. 

“Gas is up and food is up which we’re gonna get down, hell or high water. This is America we can do any damn thing we put our minds to,” said Biden, 

But right now… what’s on the mind of every American, is when will prices go down?

“Is this gonna be our new normal? I mean how long is it gonna last? Are things gonna adjust and go back the other way? I don’t know.”