North Jackson Elementary celebrates Leader In Me

GLASGOW Ky.- With North Jackson Elementary School in Glasgow being re-certified as a Lighthouse School, the entire student body gets involved in learning valuable skills that will carry them through life. Schools are given this title through the Leader In Me program, which emphasizes seven habits of leadership.

Student Matthew Estes said the program is already affecting his work in the classroom.

“I’ve learned to be proactive and put first things first. I put first things first by, if my teacher assigns me homework, I do that before I go outside and play with my chickens or other animals or go do anything else. I do what I’m supposed to do first. I put the big rocks in front of the little rocks,” Estes said.

In addition to having a direct effect in the classroom, student Emily Adams said she’s ready to take these skills throughout her entire life.

“If I go to college and have an argument, I can always look back at North Jackson and remember that I should always look at other people’s perspectives, and that other people might have different feelings and choices than me, and that I always need to look at them first and look at myself to see what I’m doing wrong,” Adams said.

Teachers such as Melinda Bush appreciate the program.

“We love all of our kiddos. We call them our babies. Our students are not just people we see during the day, they truly become part of us. We hope that teaching them the habits helps them grow, not just in school, but also in their adult life once they’re in businesses and take those leadership roles and running the Country. We love to hear back from them and to hear how they are still applying all those habits in the business world,” Bush said.