North Carolina Teen Falls into Frozen Pond

A North Carolina teen is lucky after encountering what appeared to be a frozen pond.

13-year-old Cameron Hens felt sure the neighborhood pond was frozen solid, but he fell through the ice. A friend who was walking with him tried to help, but Cameron said there wasn’t much he could do. 

It was definitely scary for his mom Suzanne. She found out what happened when the fire department called her. She’s thankful for the neighbors who saw the kids in trouble and called 9-1-1. 

When emergency responders arrived, the boys were already out of the pond. 

Cary EMS Lieutenant Matt McLamb checked them out. He said they’re okay, just very cold. 

Cary Police Captain Steve Wilkins said his department has gotten a dozen calls over the past day about people on the ice and sometimes in the water. He says snow has made the problem worse. 

Wilkins is asking parents to keep kids away from ponds and lakes; that goes for adults, too.