Nationwide GM strikes continue

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The nationwide strike of United Auto Workers continues, and the home of the Corvette is no exception.

Starting at 11 p.m. Sunday, an agreement between the UAW and General Motors was not met. The UAW is asking for what the union considers fair wages, benefits and job security.

“The union does not want a strike. It’s not something that we like to do. What it simply means is that the union as officials, we’re at an impasse with the company as far as issues that are important to the tens of thousands of members that we represent nationwide,” said local UAW bargaining chairman Jason Watson.

The labor contract expired, which is another cause of the strike. Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing at GM Gerald Johnson said the proposed contract is a good deal.

“We think this offer is very sound and strong with investments in job creation,” Johnson said.

Here locally, drivers passing the strike areas are prompted to honk if they’re in support of the cause. Despite what passersby may think, those striking know what they’re standing for, they said.

“If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything. United we stand, divided we fall. United auto workers stand for that. We deserve the best because we work hard, and we deserve that,” said Striker Jenetta Brown.

The hot Kentucky sun didn’t stop picketers.

“It’s 97 degrees outside. It’s hot and we’re all standing out here in unison, we’re walking, we’re striking for the things that we want,” said striker Angela Brown.

Those on strike said they can’t wait for the settlement to be reached.

“I’ll be really happy once it’s all said and done,” Brown said.