National EMS Week celebrates emergency staff

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – This week is National EMS Week, dedicated to honoring emergency medical service officials that make an impact.

One such individual with Med Center EMS shares what he thinks is important about his job.

“I would have to say the rewards, it is very nice to know that we can be there to help somebody on their worst day of their life. It’s an amazing feeling. So, you know, that’s the reason I think a lot of people kind of get into this,” paramedic Casey McCoy says.

This marks the 49th year that EMS Week has been celebrated, and the Med Center staff are overwhelmed with how much appreciation they get from the community.

“Sometimes a lot of people say we don’t get enough recognition. Well, this is a week that really hones in and it shows just how the community backs us. We have gotten food, we have gotten attaboys, we’ve gotten pats on the back, different goodies and stuff like that from different types of people and from all over. So it’s an honor. It’s really kind of makes us feel proud about what we do,” McCoy says.

He is happy to serve his community and make sure everyone is safely taken care of.

“Knowing that we’re out there doing the things that we do, you know, we’re trying to make a difference in our community and to know that we get that feedback back. And it’s not just, Hey, thanks for taking care of me. It’s actually, hey guys, here’s a week so we can celebrate what you do for the community. And it kind of just puts that spotlight on us. It shows our value to the community that maybe goes, you know, a little underwritten sometimes,” McCoy says.