Nation celebrates Flag Day & U.S. ARMY’s 247th birthday

Veterans Alliance Center honors both holidays

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Tuesday, June 14th represents two holidays for many of our veterans: National Flag Day and the U.S. ARMY’s 247th birthday.

The Veterans Alliance Center celebrated both holidays with cupcakes and a raffle for their flag table.

Marine Veteran James Coulson says he’d love to see all Americans proudly own and wave their own American flags. 

“Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, it doesn’t matter. We all served. It’s ‘U.S.’ in the front,” said Coulson.

Vietnam ARMY Veteran Terry Smith says seeing places like the Veterans Alliance Center celebrate the ARMY’s birthday means a lot.

 “247 years… pretty good…. I fought in Vietnam. [Seeing the country celebrate the Army’s birthday] feels good, and I’m glad I’m back here to celebrate it,” said Smith.

To honor Marines like Coulson, the Veterans Alliance Center will celebrate the United States Marine Corp’s 247th birthday on November 10th.