Mystery In The Sand: Lost Wedding Ring

(WFLA) Mark DesErmia has been searching the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico for nearly a quarter-century, never really knowing what he’ll find.

That’s exactly what keeps them coming back for more. He’s on a mission to solve mysteries, especially when it comes to a recent find a wedding ring dating back 64 years.

“It’s amazing, really. I can’t believe how lucky I am to do this every day of my life. It’s awesome,” DesErmia says.

On the Fourth of July, he discovered a wedding ring submerged deep in the sand off Longboat Key, and while he’s come across many rings in his history of working with a metal detector, this one was extra special.

It’s a beautiful band dating back to a very special day, many years ago.

The ring has a unique inscription with a memorable anniversary on December 25, 1955. There’s also an inscription on the band, the name “Oldulia.”

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