Mulch From Above!

Helicopter drops huge bales of mulch as part of restoration effort on Idaho's Chinese Peak following recent wildfire. KPVI's Julian Paras reports.

IDAHO (KPVI/NBC News) — Crews from the Bureau of Land Management used helicopters to drop huge bales of mulch on parts of Idaho’s Chinese Peak Wednesday.

The mulch drop is part of an effort to restore parts of the mountain charred by a recent wildfire.

“Try to reduce erosion and try to speed up the natural plant life that would make the mountain look pretty again instead of black,” explains the Bureau of Land Management’s Bruce Hallman.

He says the mulch being used will assist the restoration in many ways, and keep seed already planted in place.

“The whole aspect of the mulch is to cover them, to keep them from washing away, blowing away, having birds eat them and just to speed up the recovery,” Hallman says.

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