Mother’s ashes survive Michigan flood

Michigan woman finds urn containing mother's ashes weeks after her home was swept away by flood waters. WEYI's Ron Hilliard reports.

SANFORD, Mich. (WEYI/NBC News) — Families are still picking up the pieces after historic flooding ravaged Sanford, Michigan last month.

Kathy Parsch’s home was swept more than 700 feet from its foundation before settling by the Tittabawassee River.

“It got hung on a tree, and that tree stopped it from going in the river,” says Parsch, who had lived in the house for only a year.

She had spent the last four weeks making repeated visits to the house in search of the urn that contained her mother’s ashes.

“Each time I’d gone out there, that was the goal. I wanted to find my mom,” she says.

Her mother, Mary Parsch, died on Christmas Eve in 2013.

The small urn housed some of the ashes, while Kathy’s brother kept the rest.

“And I felt like she wasn’t complete either. So, that bothered me,” Parsch says.

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