Mom drowns son, 11 years after first attempt

(KSEE/NBC News) California investigators say a woman who allegedly attempted to drown her two sons Saturday morning, killing one of them, had tried to kill one of the boys eleven years ago in Montana.

45-year-old Sherri Telnas was charged with murder and attempted murder Saturday. Her 12-year-old son was killed and a 7-year-old is in critical condition after investigators say she tried to drown the pair in an irrigation ditch in Tulare County.

The previous incident took place in Mineral County, Montana in April of 2008. Police say Telnas tried to drown her 10-month-old son in the Clark Fork River. Documents provided regarding the case state that Telnas regretted what she had done, gave the baby CPR and took him to Mineral Community Hospital in Superior to treat him for water in his lungs. She told police that “bad thoughts and voices” urged her to attempt to drown her baby.

Telnas was charged at the time, but entered into a plea agreement for two counts of criminal endangerment due to “conflicting reports” given from the psychologist and hospital.

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