Minnesota flooding forces sewage into homes

(KTTC) Heavy rain flooded homes in Kasson, Minnesota and caused sewer backups, forcing some residents to find temporary living spaces.

Dozens of frustrated homeowners gathered together Monday to meet with Mayor Chris McKern and the city’s engineer. They blame the City for the sewage water that spilled into their basements and expressed rage that this has happened on multiple occasions over the years.

Mayor Mckern said the wastewater treatment plant has been overwhelmed with inflow from storm water. He also said that before he was elected in 2016, the previous city council worked on projects aiming to reduce water getting to the sewage system.

“We just completed a $10 million reconstruction project of about 35 blocks. We’ve been asking homeowners since 2007 to make sure their sump pumps are not pumping into the sanitary sewers. It’s a cumulative problem, it’s not one thing that’s going to fix it,” said McKern.

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