Metcalfe County school students learn more about the world of agriculture from older students

EDMONTON Ky.-Young students in Metcalfe County took learning outdoors to embark on an agricultural adventure.

The younger students of the Metcalfe County Schools learned more about the world of agriculture, where food comes from, and the essential work that farmers do worldwide.

These interactive lessons were run by older students in the district, as the children traveled to different tables set up in a field near the middle and high schools. Each table delivered a different experience as the students leading emphasized the importance of agriculture. The day also included a hayride and corn maze.

School staff say it’s enlightening to see the older students mentor the younger ones, especially when it comes to the topic of agriculture.

“Just the pride that they have in exhibiting their posters and sharing their knowledge about what we’ve learned in class. So many people don’t realize all the hard work that goes into producing food, so anything that we can do to make people aware of agriculture in our community is very important,” said Lynn Hawkins with the Metcalfe County Schools.

Thanks to farm to table grant, there is now a fenced area that houses livestock for the school, including chickens and cows.