Metcalfe County officials and residents react to voter turnout

EDMONTON, Ky.-  In the small, rural area of Metcalfe County, officials like Judge-Executive Harold Stilts say the cooperation for Election Day between voters and poll workers was encouraging.

The county had two available polling locations for voters.

“I think everything went rather well. Everybody was real polite about wearing their mask. The poll workers were staying up on the sanitizing and taking care of the equipment after each person had voted,” Stilts said.

It was a sentiment echoed by Metcalfe County voter Josh Hurt, who agrees that the poll workers did well to keep voters safe and healthy.

“I think our election, community and county officials have been spot on following procedures making sure everybody is safe, and also that everyone gets an opportunity to exercise their right to vote,” Hurt said.

Both residents and county officials say the early voting process was smooth, as many opted to vote that way during this pandemic.

“It was pretty smooth. I think the biggest majority are pleased with the early voting and it gives people the opportunity to vote whenever they have the time,” Stilts said.

Even though times are tough, officials are encouraging everyone to vote even if it’s during the final hours of election day, to make their voices heard. In a year with a global pandemic, some voted for the first time, knowing that the decision was more important than ever.

“It’s the right that you have to vote and make choices. We here in the county had an 86-year-old woman that came and voted for the first time in her life. She thought this election was really important that she cast her vote. She got registered, came out and voted,” Stilts said.