Med Center opens up to the rest of Phase 1C for vaccinations

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Medical Center at Bowling Green has officially opened up vaccines to everyone within phase 1C.

They were already vaccinating part of 1C, the 60 and over crowd, but the vaccinations have expanded to essential workers and those 16 to 60 with increased risks to the virus.

This is the biggest group of all of phase 1, meaning the most amount of people are able to get their vaccination.

Opening up 1C will help the area eventually reach herd immunity, meaning 65 to 75% of people have antibodies either from the virus or the vaccine, according to Melinda Joyce, the vice president of cooperate support services for Med Center Health.

It has not yet been announced when the next phase will open to the public, but when phase 2 does open, anyone 40 and older will be eligible for the vaccine.