Mammoth Cave National Park to add and improve on-site lodging

MAMMOTH CAVE Ky.- Mammoth Cave National Park is a popular attraction for anyone visiting the Bluegrass State. The big experience comes with small cabins.

As of now, the available lodging at the park can only hold four people per cabin, meaning big groups must divide up between cabins, or stay elsewhere. Mammoth Cave is in the process of putting a stop to that by not only renovating existing cabins, but rolling out new ones suitable for parties of 12, bringing light to the overcrowding. Mammoth Cave Public Information Officer Molly Schroer said this venture is exciting.

“It’s always exciting to see our park advance and move forward to provide really good visitor service. That’s our goal. We want to make this a great place for people to come and visit and spend several days to find things to do on the surface and underground in our cave tours,” Schroer  said.

The new cabins aren’t here yet, but the idea of accommodating larger groups is already getting visitors excited.

“I come up here all the time and I would love to see there be new buildings, new cabins that are updated and refreshed, and to be able to come with a bigger group would really be nice,” said visitor, Jenna Murph.

The existing cabins will be renovated to include air conditioning and heating units, and the new larger cabins would have features like kitchenettes, and possibly even fireplaces, overall adding to the experience of visitors.

In the end, Schroer said taking advantage of this window of opportunity will make a difference in the experience of visitors.

“I think it’s going to be exciting to see this new addition in here. How we’re working on several of our concessions facilities and projects is really going to help advance this area for our visitors,” Schroer said.

The money for this expansion came from a donation. Park officials are not disclosing the donation source or the amount at this time.