Mammoth Cave National Park discusses repeated vandalism

PARK CITY, Ky. – There has been a number of instances of vandalism in Mammoth Cave National Park over the last few months.

Most of these instances center on a century old building, the Joppa Missionary Baptist Church, which sits vacant and accessible to park visitors between six in the morning to 8 p.m. at night. These vandals have broken windows, thrown flour inside and spray painted the buildings.

The park quickly repairs the vandalism each time it happens, but they are actively looking for the culprits, especially of the most recent act which seems to have been perpetrated by a group of teens.

Molly Schroer, a public information officer with the National Parks Service who works in the park, wants people to know that if they see something suspicious happening in and around the buildings in the park after 8 p.m., call Park Dispatch at 270-597-2729.

“For the past several months, we have had several instances of vandalism occurring at Joppa Missionary Baptist Church here at Mammoth Cave National Park. It’s been things from broken windows, graffiti painted on the buildings to broken in doors. So a lot of activity that’s been going on here after hours when it shouldn’t be,” Schroer said.