LS Fest to bring in cars, people and tourism dollars

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  The Holley LS Fest is coming again to Beech Bend Raceway this weekend.

The event celebrates anything and everything equipped with the GM LS engine.

Over 20,000 participants are expected, and officials are hoping that changes in traffic movement, created especially for this event, will ease some of the  problems that have occurred in the past.

The benefits of having the festival here, as well as the plan for traffic, were highlighted at a press conference at the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Wednesday afternoon.

“Beech Bend just offers everything for the car enthusiast, so for Holley to hold the LS Fest here in Bowling Green is an added value to our economy and to our community,” said Janet Henderson, director of sales for the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau.
“It’s the ideal place for the car enthusiast to come and have fun as well.  Our hotels are all full, and our restaurants and shopping and gas and all the leisure dollars that are spent here in our local attractions, not only do they go to Beech Bend but they go to our other attractions as well.  The money is spread out over our community for the next three days which is an economic boost to all of us,” Henderson said.
“Both the City and County, as well as the State, are great partners,” Warren County Public Works Director Josh Moore said. “Being able to work together to share resources has been beneficial in these events where we are blurring the jurisdictions of a State road, a County road and a City road.
“Having these partners has been invaluable.  Just being able to coordinate when things are happening is something that didn’t always happen, but we feel like being able to work together has been the most beneficial to anybody that comes to this area.
“We want everyone to have fun and be safe.  But you know, I think this is going to be the start of what will be many more large motor sports events in Bowling Green,” he said.
This will be the 12th Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green this weekend, Sept. 10 through Sept. 12. Officials say it would be best to avoid the U.S. 31-W Louisville Road/Bypass area and Kentucky 185/Garvin Lane, unless you are attending the event.