Lost River Cave is re-opening as staff works to clean up after flooding

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Lost River Cave is excited to announce, they are reopening after the storm and flooding, but staff is busy cleaning up the mess the flood left behind.

Right now, the Blue Hole Trail is closed for maintenance as crews work to clear debris and trash from the area that the storm brought in.

The grounds sit at the lowest point of a 55-square-mile watershed.

The low point also means it is a site for severe flooding when it rains hard, like it did last week.

Rho Lansden, the chief executive officer of Lost River Cave, says the flooding has happened before.

“Each and every year, for the past five years, we’ve seen more summer rainfall, higher quantities of summer rainfall than we did in the previous 10, 15, 20 years during the summer. So, it is having an impact,” said Lansden.

In the runoff water and ground water that makes its way into the cave, trash from roads and parking lots make their way into the valley as well.

Right now, workers are trying to remove that trash, mud and repair damages caused by the flooding, according to Justin Jennings, the Lost River Cave property manager.

“As the water recedes, it will deposit sometimes in the middle of the trial making it a hazardous path for the guests to walk down. So, the first step is we will actually have to wait for the water to recede and then we will go out and clear the trails and make sure the path is free of any obstructions,” said Jennings.

Right now, boat tours are not underway and Lansden worries the rain coming this weekend could postpone boat tours another two weeks.

Lost River Cave is a non-profit and operates on donations, memberships and boat tours, so this level of rain can really hinder their income which impacts the nature sanctuary itself.

“As long as the cave boat tour is closed, our main source of revenue that provides for the conservation and preservation of the 72-acre park and the cave itself is cut off,” said Landsen.

If you would like to donate your time or money to the non-profit, visit their website to find out how.