Lost & Found: Rescued Sailor Describes Harrowing Ordeal

Stuart Bee is back on solid ground after spending nearly 30 hours clinging to the bow of his capsized boat before being rescued by a passing cargo ship. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — “It feels good,” Stuart Bee said Tuesday after stepping off a cargo ship docked in Wilmington, Delaware.

Bee was back on dry land for the first time since his own boat capsized nearly 90 miles off the Florida coast last week.

“I fell asleep and the water came gushing in pushing me out to the front. I took in a little bit of water open the hatch out front and got out that way,” he recalls.

He was able to save himself by clinging to the bow of the boat, just a few feet of the vessel that remained above water.

Bee managed to hang on for nearly 30 hours…until he was spotted by a passing cargo ship.

“It went from a major concern to suddenly a feeling of relief…calmness this was over,” he says.

Members of the cargo ship Angeles took Bee on board and delivered him to port on their next stop.

“It was better than a cruise ship. Been on one once. These guys are the nicest people ever,” Bee said of his rescuers.

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