Logan County Humane Society overloaded with cats and kittens

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.- Step into the Logan County Humane Society in Russellville and you’ll be greeted with plenty of meows.

Meows are coming from over 80 cats looking for homes, the cats peering out at people who stop by, wondering if this will be the day that they get a new home.

After hearing of the shelter’s outcry, cat lover Rene Thompson stepped in to help.

“This is imperative. We can help all of these 89 kittens, many of them are housed here, and many are being housed by people in the community and the volunteers here,” Thompson said.

Volunteers are working around the clock to care for these kittens in a shelter that’s designed to care for around half the number of cats currently there.

Shelter director Kathy Garrett, said people not spaying and neutering cats is adding to the problem, in addition to Covid-19 shutdowns.

“We have a couple of employees who have 16 of them in their home. When you look around, it looks really crowded, but we have more that you’re not even seeing,” Garrett said.

if the issues continue, the shelter will have no choice but to start euthanizing, which is why staff and volunteers are doing everything they can.

“We will be adopting these guys out for months to come,” Garrett said.

Thompson challenged the Logan County community to rally around the needs of these kittens, lending a helping paw to make a difference.

“These little kittens are defenseless. They were born into this world, and we have to help. There’s 89 kittens, so come on down, we have to get them placed. More importantly, we have to find a permanent solution for Logan County animal shelter with their kitty cats,” Thompson said.