Logan Co.’s Tobacco & Heritage Fest final events are here! Will you be there?

“A tradition dating back over 80 years and counting”

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – Logan County natives are celebrating “a tradition dating back over 80 years and counting”. The Logan County KY Tobacco & Heritage Festival is finally back in full swing after the pandemic.

“It’s just a longstanding tradition here in Logan County that we look forward to each year,” said Logan County Chamber of Commerce President Keith Batchelor.

It’s hard to believe Logan County’s annual Tobacco and Heritage Festival started with such humble beginnings… growing from a one-day Christmas shopping festival in 1941 to the “homecoming event to remember” it is today.

“The Heritage Festival is the longest running event in Logan County,” shared Logan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Polly Steenbergen. “It has grown from a tobacco festival where the local community and farmers celebrated the harvest of the tobacco to so much more now.”

With Covid sweeping the nation, the County Chamber shut down its festival in 2020 and modified it last year. However this year, Logan County’s fully re-opened largest community event is charting its best attendance in years.

Roughly 25,000 participants have already joined this year’s pageants, runs, historic tours, golf scrambles, and so much more.

Come Tuesday and Thursday let 13 historical figures through the spooky Maple Grove Cemetery Tours…

“That’s for the history buffs,” said Steenbergen. “Logan County and Russellville are full of historical places, people and events!”

Lastly, be sure to come check Saturday to check out the festival’s grand finale.

“So far, we’re expecting one of the largest crowds on Saturday,” anticipated Batchelor. “A lot of class reunions take place on Tobacco & Heritage Festival weekend… A lot of people come to town to see friends and family.”

The festival’s almost 130 Craft Show & Flea Market vendors, a reenactment of the infamous Jesse James County Bank Robbery, the festival parade, and of course the grand finale concert will all close off the annual festival.

“It’s gonna be a beautiful weekend,” commented Batchelor. “Coming out of the years of Covid and all the restrictions… we just invite everybody to come out and participate however you can.”

Click here for a full list of upcoming events!