Local school preparedness with AEDs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The topic of AEDs is all  abuzz so far this year with situations like NFL player Damar Hamlin kicking off the new year.

When it comes to medical emergencies, seconds can save lives. The hope for every parent is to send them off into the world for things like school or  the gas station and they come back in good health, but half the battle is being prepared.

News 40 talked to a couple of local schools about AED presence and usage amid talk of legislation mandating them to be present in all middle and high schools in the state. Both Barren County and Bowling Green Independent seem to be ready in case of an emergency.

Cedric Browning, operations director for BGISD said that there 26 AEDs present across all buildings in their school district, with a few extra in the high school and athletic buildings, along with a good amount of qualified staff in the various buildings that could be of assistance in the event someone does happen to suffer cardiac arrest. Browning said “AEDs are great but you have to have the right planning in case something happens.”

Girls’ basketball coach Calvin Head said to News 40 that as of late, they’ve been looking at the emergency action plans or EAPs to make sure that everyone is able to react appropriately when needed. According to the coach, one thing that has the districts focus is being comfortable with the placement and visibility of the AEDs around school.

Amy Rutledge, a nurse practitioner that works in the Barren County school system said that she feels they are as prepared as can be as well. According to Rutledge, there is an AED in every building in the district and feels confident even a person with no training could possibly save someone. Rutledge said the AEDs are helpful because they speak to the user and offer visual prompts to help administer aid.