Local pets need your help to pay for their medical bills

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Local pets are in need of the public’s help in order to receive the veterinary care they desperately need.

The Warren County Humane Society, among the many others in south central Kentucky, need help to care for sick and injured animals every day.

Recently, a kitten, now named Sarah, was brought into the shelter as a stray that had its entire tail degloved.

The kitten was underweight and is currently on several medications to help, but its tail will need to be amputated, according to adoption counselor Kaley Burden.

“She was found as a stray. We have no idea what happened to her tail. She may have been hit by a car. She may have gotten attacked by something. But it completely removed the skin from her tail, pretty much from the base all the way to the end to leave her bone sticking out,” said Burden.

This is not a rare occurrence for the shelter.

“We take in a lot of dogs and cats that other shelters would possibly turn away, heartworm positive dogs, hit by cars, leg amputations, all kinds of things. We get just about everything here. We had a dog come in yesterday with severe yeast infection all over its body to the point where it has no hair. So, he’s going to take months of care for all of that hair to grow back,” said Burden.

There is currently a pit with a similar but less severe skin condition along with a puppy with a shattered bone who will need his front leg amputated.

For Burden, seeing these animals in pain is a difficult part of her job.

“When you see them come in like that, especially the days that I am in the intake building. I see them walk in the door. I see how pitiful they look, especially the ones that have been hit, you know. They are bleeding. You see bone sticking out. It breaks your heart and you want to do everything in your power to help that animal. The best part about it is, after they recover, seeing them walk out the door with their new family, wagging their tails or purring. Seeing them find that forever home after you know what they have been through just makes it all worth it,” said Burden.

The amputation for Sara is scheduled for Saturday and money has been raised to cover her treatment, but several other fur babies still need donations for their veterinary bills.

If you are interested in helping fund the care of one of these sick or injured animals, you can donate to the shelter’s Sick & Injured Medical Fund at bgshelterpets.com.