Local agencies challenge one another to participate in fundraiser 5k

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Local agencies are challenging one another to join a 5K to support a local non-profit.

CASA of South Central Kentucky will be holding its 7th Annual Superhero 5K on Saturday, September 25.

On Monday, the Bowling Green Police Department’s Matt Edwards threw out a jab prodding the Bowling Green Fire Department to enter the CASA Superhero 5K coming up.

“Chief Brooks we ask you to bring your biggest group of superhero runners and pass this challenge on to others come out and help us change a child’s story,” said Edwards.

Bowling Green Fire Chief Jason Brooks responded today in an exclusive interview with News 40 and accepted and extended that challenge.

“We accept that challenge and we’re putting together assembling our team of superheroes to not only show up but to run with Bowling Green Police Department and with that not only are we excepting that challenge but we’re here today to offer a challenge Sheriff Hightower you’re on deck Warren County sheriffs office we challenge you,” said Brooks.

CASA works as advocates for children who have been victims of abuse, many of whom grew up in an atypical family situation, just like Superman, who was adopted.  Spiderman was raised by his aunt and uncle.  Batman was raised by his butler.

“A fun little competition between us and the fire department and other agencies within the county to raise money for CASA who works to help support neglected children abuse children and things like that so it’s a great way for us to have a little fun but to also help an agency that’s doing really good things,” said Edwards.

“When you bring into perspective what they’ve been through it’s the least we could do so we plan to show up to help raise money to help raise awareness for those kids because there are kids there our community and that’s what we’re here for,” said Brooks.

To find out more about CASA or the 5K event or sponsorships, visit www.casaofsck.org or contact CASA at director@casaofsck.org or by phone at 270-782-5353.