L&N Depot hosts special blood drive

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As part of their “Save the Depot” campaign, the L&N Depot held a blood drive inside the historic building on Tuesday morning.

The blood drive coincided with the theme of the poster unveiled for the month of July.

It encouraged people to donate blood to save lives, while at the same time help save the Depot as well.

All 25 donation slots were filled up for the blood drive, and even Mayor Bruce Wilkerson donated to the cause.

Also part of the blood drive was a medical train car set up behind the Depot, decorated just like the ones used by nurses during World War II.

L&N Depot Executive Director Jamie Johnson said a blood drive fit perfectly with the meaning behind their newest poster in the “Save the Depot” campaign.

“It was so important for people during the war time to give blood because if they hadn’t done that, a lot of our soldiers would not have survived,” she added. “It’s just like if the community does not support the Depot, this place won’t survive. It’s certainly an important need and we want people to step up and take part in their community whether it’s giving blood or helping out with the Depot.”

Individuals who donated blood received a special commemorative pin to thank them for their donation and support.