Lights, camera, ACTION! Elementary school students produce music video

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-It’s lights… camera… action for students at Jennings Creek Elementary.

“We were having so much fun, we had so much fun making the music video,” said Jennings Creek Elementary student Latavius Long. 

The non-profit organization Light of Chance filmed a music video with the students through their program. 

“With projects like this we like to plant seeds. So to help kids be more confident, help them connect with classmates and community and to help them socially, mentally and emotionally as well,” said Light of Chance Executive Director Eric Logan. 

The Light of Chance team created four groups in each classroom for students: singers, dancers, concept creation and cover art.

And this summer, you can expect to see a brand new music video created by each of the eight classrooms.

“We started by letting them choose their beats, and from there we had them choose the topics, then the chorus, then we started the writing process,” said Logan. 

The first one, called ‘Summer Break’, features the kids dancing and rapping about school being out for summer. 

“We were really just trying to have fun towards the end of the school year and we were all just trying to make a fun music video so we decided to go with the theme of summer break…it was a good song and then it was a good music video,” said Long. 

“Our program definitely helps them take their mind off of what’s been happening in the last several years with them,” said Logan. 

After two years of the pandemic and most recently the deadly December tornadoes… the students at Jennings Creek Elementary found a sense of normalcy and healing through music

“I think everything just got really heavy with everything that they’ve been through and this was a great way to kind of process this but also give them hope and work through some of the things that they may not have been able to do creatively,” said Jennings Creek Elementary Family Resource Coordinator Katie Turk. 

The students hope everyone checks out their video…and their hard work. 

“It’s a really good song and it’s about summer break and today’s the first actual day of summer,” said student Trenton McCoy.

To watch the video click here.