Leg overboard: boater loses prosthetic limb in lake

(WIS/NBC News) A South Carolina man is offering a $3,000 reward to anyone who can help him find his missing prosthetic leg.

The main obstacle: it’s at the bottom of Lake Wateree.

Karl Harbath was out on a pontoon boat three weeks ago when rough water sent him overboard. He had to hold onto the boat for dear life as he was pulled back to the dock.

“When you fall out on the middle of the lake like that, it’s a scary feeling,” he says. “It really is scary.”

What was even more scary was knowing he lost his prosthetic leg in about 23 foot deep water.

Harbath lost his leg in a work accident back in 2012. Since then walking with a prosthetic right leg has become reality.

Harbath is working with divers to help him search. He did not have insurance on the prosthetic leg, so buying a new one will cost about $33,000.

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