Late Vacations: Deal Season Arrives

(NBC News) Resorts and hotels are offering bargains for late summer vacationers as demand begins to slow.

“If they have a vacant room, they’re willing to give it away for a bit of a deal because they want to make sure that that room is getting filled,” says The Points Guy editorial director Scott Mayerowitz.

It’s not likely airlines will be following suit, so other travel experts say it might be time for another summer tradition: The roadtrip.

Kirsten Maxwell founded, which promotes affordable family vacations.

“Just go down the road and try something new, book a resort nearby and have a fun weekend away from home,” she suggests.

You might steer clear of cruising the Caribbean in August. The risks for hurricanes can be high.

If you’re looking for a deal, you should also be flexible with your destination.

“You’re not going to get a sale on that dream resort, or that dream destination location,” Mayerowitz warns.

Still, you’re likely to find deals wherever vacancy signs are out.