Kids learn about Bowling Green’s transportation history

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- High speed rails, self-driving cars and space flights.

Transportation continues to evolve. A group of kids in Bowling Green are learning more about that evolution at the city’s first planes, trains and cars camp.

Aviation Heritage Park, the National Corvette Museum and the Historic Rail Park & Train Museum are teaming up for the five-day children’s camp which started Monday.

Bowling Green has the unique advantage of being one of few cities with several transportation exhibits. The second through fifth grade kids will have the opportunity to visit all three of them.

“When kids tour the museum here, they’re going to see how Corvette transformed from the early 1950’s to what it is today now moving beyond. We want them to get that same sense no matter what attraction they visit,” said Deb Howard, education coordinator at the National Corvette Museum.

On the first day of camp Monday, the group took a tour of the National Corvette Museum. They also heard from a special guest speaker.

“We also have a special guest coming in today from Scotty’s. He will be doing a fun lesson with them on asphalt. They’ll be learning about the roadways in Bowling Green, how they may look the same, but they are made up slightly differently,” said Howard.

Once the kids are done with cars they’ll move on to trains.

“They’re here for the first two days and then the next two days they’ll come to the rail park. They’ll learn about hobos, the history of the rail park, how important transportation was and how important the train was. They even get to walk through five of our restored train cars on the site,” said Paige Rogers, event coordinator at the Historic Rail Park & Train Museum.

The goal of the camp is to inspire the next generation to engage with the long history of transportation in Bowling Green.

“It’s they’re hometown, and knowing how transportation was done is very important. We’re trying to help our future generations learn about past generations,” said Rogers.

The camp will end on Friday with kids visiting the Aviation Heritage Park.