Kidney failure patient stops in Bowling Green on cross-country RV trip

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-High school sweethearts are traveling the country in an RV…you would never guess it but one of them is battling end-stage kidney disease.

Jimmie and Dawn Bates stopped by Fresenius Kidney Care in Bowling Green today to talk to other people fighting kidney disease. 

Years ago, Jimmie was unexpectedly diagnosed with kidney failure during an emergency room visit for dangerously high blood pressure…he then suffered a stroke. 

In 2017, he received a kidney transplant…which his body quickly rejected. He’s now on Home Hemodialysis… the couple wants other patients to know that this diagnosis shouldn’t stop anyone from living their life. 

“Do not let this disease hold you back. do not be captured within your disease because life is too short. We know kidney disease is forever and please truly live your life to the fullest,” said Dawn. 

Dawn and Jimmie are from Iowa, and begin their drive home tomorrow. Bowling Green was the last stop on this trip.