Kentucky woman sets self on fire while fueling motorbike

(WLWT, Hearst) INDEPENDENCE, Ky. – A day off school for one Kentucky family turned tragic for the mother.

She had to be airlifted to a hospital after suffering serious burns.

The woman was using a gas can to fill up a children’s size motorcycle for her kids to play with.

She was smoking a cigarette at the same time. Which caused vapors from the gas to ignite and set her on fire.

Authorities are warning others about the dangers of smoking while working around flammable items.

“Our advice would be to use common sense. Do not use any kind of flammable device when you’re using gasoline or any kind of flammable liquid,” said Capt. Russ Wood/Independence Police

Fire does not need to come into contact with gasoline to start a fire.

Vapors produced by fuel can ignite if they waft close enough to any source of strong heat.