Kentucky educators learn how to use technology in the classroom

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Math, art, social studies. Educators from all over the state are learning how to enhance the subjects with technology, at the Kentucky Go Digital Conference.

For each subject, teachers heard from presenters on some tools involving technology to better reach their students. Warren County Instructional Technology Coordinator Amy Buss said technology in the world of education is an important factor

“We can’t talk about teaching students today without talking about technology. It’s the way our students learn. It also is an accelerator to learning,” Buss said.

From computer-based art to language translators, all subjects benefit from technology. Presenter Christy Bryce, who also works for the county school system, says she sees this in her daily life.

“I have two children right now and I know that technology is their life. They are native to technology, where my generation are more like immigrants to technology, so it’s our job to stay aware of what’s happening to be able to connect with our kids,” Bryce said.

With the educators gathered in one place, it was also a chance to learn new teaching styles from each other.

Teacher Nicki Thompson came all the way to Bowling Green from Graves County, and she said she sees technology play a big role in her school as well.

“At our school, our kindergartners come in and they’re ready to log in after the first couple of weeks of school, so we are very tech advanced at our school. Our students are well in depth and use technology daily,” Thompson said.

While the importance of technology is emphasized, Thompson talked about an even bigger takeaway from the conference.

“Learning from each other is the best way to grow as a teacher. You may be the greatest teacher, but you can always learn more and get better,” Thompson said.

Kentucky Go Digital will travel to Morehead State University on July 16, and Murray State University on July 23.