Keep human and fur babies safe in the heat

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-How hot is too hot?

The high temperatures we’re experiencing in South Central Kentucky can pose a danger…especially to young kids and pets. 

The most important thing for safe play outside is to keep your child hydrated. 

There’s an easy rule to know how much water they need. 

“Every 20 minutes of play, someone that’s young should be drinking about ten gulps of water. And that way it’s in something that they can relate to,” said Med Center Health Emergency Dispatcher Kimmy Rheaume. 

One gulp equals about a half ounce of fluid. If a child doesn’t drink enough water, it can lead to health complications.

 “Anywhere from heat exhaustion, dehydration and even possibly heat stroke,” said Rheaume. 

Other dangers include hot playground equipment. Hot metal slides or swings can cause burns. 

“If you’re not able to place your hand on it and it’s too hot then I would not recommend allowing your child to play on it at the moment,” said Rheaume. 

Make sure you’re taking care of your furry friends too. 90 degrees is hot…but the sun beaming down can cause pavement, sidewalks and concrete to be even hotter. 

“Dogs especially are so loyal and they’re more concerned about being with you, their person, so they may not even indicate to you that they’re uncomfortable. If you wouldn’t put your hand down on the pavement and hold it there for a long time without being uncomfortable, then your pet probably is too,” said Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society Adoption Manager Leah Lawrence.

It takes just a few simple steps to make sure our babies, human or fur, are safe in the heat.