Keep grass clippings in your yard and off the roads

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Summer is here and so is the green grass…but make sure you are properly disposing of your grass clippings after mowing your lawn! 

Grass clippings should stay in your yard and off the roads…if they land in the street they can clog storm drains. This forces water to drain in unplanned directions, which causes erosion and off-site flooding.

Clogged drains also lead to standing water…long enough for mosquitoes to breed and become a public nuisance. 

So much of our drainage also relies on the cave system. Not just Lost River Cave but the smaller tunnels around Bowling Green. This can cause major issues above the surface. 

“You know water can pass through there, some mud and grit and grime can but really vegetation, grass clippings, leaves that sort of thing can really clog those up quickly and cause things to back up and cause issues in residential and commercial areas,” said the City of Bowling Green’s Environmental Compliance Coordinator Nick Lawhon.

Repeat offenders could face a fine of up to $1,000.