Increase in collisions over the Memorial Day weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky-It’s been a dangerous and deadly Memorial Day weekend on Kentucky roads. Local law enforcement reports an increase in DUI arrests and collisions.

Memorial Day weekend is considered one of the most dangerous times to drive according to National Safety Council. Despite this, millions of drivers have hit the road over the past few days.

Kentucky State Police have enhanced enforcement on I-65, and so far say they’re witnessing an increase in distracted and intoxicated driving over the weekend.

“Put the phones down, put them on silent. If you need to look at your phone, pull over safely and then do it. Or make that phone call, reply to that text, off the road not on the road,” said Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower.

AAA estimates that more than 37.6 million people will hit the road during Memorial Day weekend.

“We did see an increase in non-injury collisions, thankfully, but we did have one fatality collision,” said Kentucky State Police Trooper Jeremy Hodges.

The sheriff’s office has plans to utilize DUI checkpoints in the near future.

“We want to encourage people to make sure they’re making the right decisions, that they have designated drivers and are planning responsibly,” said Hightower.

Since Friday, there have been 11 DUI arrests in Warren County.

“We actually have a training coming up in July. It’s a DUI checkpoint training that we will be sending some Deputies to. Probably shortly after that we will be doing some checkpoints in the community,” said Hightower.

KSP warns drivers to expect congested and busy roads through Tuesday evening.