Rescuers hampered by damaged roads, more rain in Indonesia

LEMBATA, Indonesia (AP) — Rescuers are being hampered by damaged bridges and roads and a lack of heavy equipment after torrential rains caused multiple disasters on remote eastern Indonesian islands. At least 133 people have died and dozens are missing in Indonesia. The tropical cyclone causing the damage is expected to continue affecting Indonesia and East Timor for days, and later hit Australia. Rescuers recovered 49 bodies after a landslide tumbled down onto a village on Adonara island. Flash flooding killed at least 84 people elsewhere in the province and two in neighboring West Nusa Tenggara province. At least 67 people died when solidified lava tumbled onto villages on Lembata island. Tropical Cyclone Seroja has produced high waves, strong winds and heavy rains for the past three days.