“I Was Almost Done” – News chopper rescues stranded swimmer

KFOR helicopter pilot Mason Dunn and managing editor Steve Johnson swoop in to rescue a man struggling to stay afloat in the North Canadian River after a rafting accident. KFOR's Cassandra Sweetman reports.

(KFOR/NBC News) — An Oklahoma news crew became part of the story they were covering when they swooped in to rescue a stranded and struggling swimmer.

KFOR Chopper 4 pilot Mason Dunn and photojournalist Steve Johnson were out covering breaking news when they learned about the ongoing search for David Stokes. They traveled along the river and saw Stokes, a shirtless 34-year-old amputee swimming in the water, struggling and waving to the chopper.

“I heard you. I was hoping you heard or saw me,” Stokes told Johnson after the rescue. “I’m glad you did.”

He said he was almost completely exhausted.

Stokes and some friends had begun floating down the North Canadian River at about noon on Wednesday, his friends in kayaks and Stokes in a raft.

“Their kayaks went on and I was in a raft, and my raft exploded,” Stokes said.

With no raft and only one leg, he couldn’t keep up and got lost.

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