“I Felt Like I Was Going To Die” – Video shows knee-on-neck arrest

(SNN/NBC News) A Sarasota, Florida police officer is on administrative leave after video surfaced on social media showing a knee-on-neck arrest similar to the encounter that killed George Floyd.

The arrest of 27-year-old Patrick Carroll occurred on May 18th, one week before Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

“It felt very painful,” said. “It felt like I was going to die, I was scared like I didn’t know what was going on, why he was detaining me like this.”

Carroll was walking when police pulled up to question and arrest him for the alleged domestic battery. Video shows the arrest quickly escalating.

“We do not condone, train or practice placing a knee on anyone’s back, neck or throat,” Sarasota Deputy Police Chief Patrick Robinson says. “The throat is such a vulnerable position, and it’s so easy to slip down and injure someone, we just don’t want to be engaged in that, and it’s not something we train in, and it’s not something we teach our officers.”

Police say they are fast-tracking an investigation.

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