Mask Dispute Leads To Stabbing, Deadly Shooting

Police say a Michigan man denied service at a store after refusing to wear a mask stabbed another customer and later lunged at a deputy with a knife before he was shot to death Tuesday. WOOD's Whitney Burney reports.

LANSING, Mich. (WOOD/NBC News) — Michigan police say an argument over face masks lead to a stabbing and deadly officer-involved shooting Tuesday.

Michigan State Police say one man wearing a mask, and another man who wasn’t, got into an argument at a store near Lansing.

After the man without the mask, 43-year-old Sean Ruis, was denied service as per store policy, he stabbed the man wearing a mask and drove away.

An Eaton County Sheriff’s deputy later located Ruis’ vehicle and pulled him over.

Body camera footage shows Ruis lunge toward the deputy with a knife. She then fires several shots.

“It’s very unfortunate that she had to use her weapon, but she saved her life, that’s the most important thing right here. She had to use deadly force and she did it properly and I’m glad she wasn’t harmed in any way,” Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said.

The original stabbing victim, a 77-year-old man, was taken to a local hospital in serious condition.

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