Housing Authority of Bowling Green offers three full-course meals to kids with help from community

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – For many of the kids living in the Bowling Green Housing Authority area, food can become scarce at times.

They often have to rely on the Housing Authority’s summer camp program to be fed.

At one point during the camp, it was two meals a day. Now it’s three.

Last year during the summer, the Housing Authority of Bowling Green was only able to provide kids two meals a day and rarely a light snack.

As of this summer, a hot or cold breakfast is provided by Bowling Green city schools on site.

Kids also receive a hot or cold lunch at Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School along with a snack.

Cathy Collins House of Hope, a non-profit organization, recently offered to provide kids an evening meal.

Now three full-course meals are available to them daily.

A’sha Edmonson, a 7th grader who attended camp last year, has already seen the impact of getting three meals a day on the other kids.

“For some people, they don’t have enough money to buy enough food for their children and themselves. Especially if they have more than one kid. This facility, it brings a lot of joy to their heart to know that they don’t have to go home hungry,” said Edmonson.

The Housing Authority of Bowling Green has another non-profit providing a third meal for kids in the fall.