Hot Rods unveil New Imagining

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – General Manager Eric Leach and the Hot Rods released their new Hot Rod logo, going back to a similar style to their founding days back in 2009.

The Hot Rods also unveiled the baby blue color along with their classic orange and navy design. The baby blue is a color taken from the MLB organization the squad is affiliated with; the Tampa Bay Rays.

Along with the help of Brandon Lamarche from Three-Two Design — these new features are a way to honor the organization’s past, present and future.

“Yeah, absolutely a nod back to the old Hot Rod,” Bowling Green Hot Rods General Manager. “We wanted that power, that old school feel like what we had. And so when we started working with Brandon, I just share some ideas. And he was really the brilliance behind it and we tweaked some things he gave me some different looks. And you know, really narrowed it down from 32 different possible brands down to the two that we decided on.”