Hot Rods get inked after crazy bet


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Hot Rods and Charleston RiverDogs made a bet when they were both hit the 60 win mark. The first team to 70 wins would have to get a tattoo of the other team. The Hot Rods accepted.

“Our broadcaster Shawn texted me about the challenge two days before they issued it on social media and I just kind of ignored it,” Hot Rods General Manager Eric Leach said. “But once they put it out in the TwitterVerse, we kind of had to accept it.”


So Hot Rods Promotions manager Leslie Martin stepped up to the plate with this big time bat.


It was no easy task. The Hot Rods and the RiverDogs continued to match each other win for win and loss for loss until the night the RiverDogs hit 70 and the Hot Rods just fell short, leaving Leslie in shock.


“Well, when I accepted the agreement, I thought that I would either have a couple days to kind of be like, okay, we’re losing this or we would take the lead and just winning by a landslide,” Martin said. “And then we just kept writing blows back and forth and stayed tied pretty much the entire time. So it kind of took a couple hours towards the sink and I kind of just sat there and was like, Okay, this is real.”


One crazy social media bet leaving a RiverDog impression on Leslie Martin for life.