Horse Cave mural highlights town’s history

Every letter has a story!

HORSE CAVE, Ky. – Downtown Horse Cave became a little more beautiful near the end of 2022, thanks to one local artist, and his dedication to detail.

Native Jesse Sims wanted to create a mural that celebrates the rich history and culture of the town. Each of the nine letters in Horse Cave’ depicts the small town’s history. 

Jesse relied on historical photos and knowledgeable community members to help him portray the original Horse Cave Theater, ‘the big snow of 1960’, the historic Thomas House, and many more memories.

The mural is located in the heart of downtown, just a few doors down from Jesse’s own business, Sims Studio. 

Artist Jesse Sims said, “There’s a lot of history in this town, a really unique little town. Unfortunately ‘Horse Cave’ is only nine letters. You could fill a lot more letters up with all the different stories.”

Click here to learn all about the story behind each letter.