Hope remains for eatery employees after blaze destroys restaurant

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- After the recent loss of Laura’s hilltop restaurant in Brownsville, employees still have hope and a job.

This is because Laura’s sister restaurant, Laura’s Stockyard Café in Warren County, owned by Laura Jacobs is providing work to some of the employees from the Brownsville restaurant that was recently destroyed by a fire.

Jacobs is not only the owner of the Brownsville restaurant, but also the café.  She’s ready to lend a helping hand to her employees.

“Well they’ve all been broken hearted as well as well as me. That’s what I was worried about. I’m sad for the business, but also sad for the employees out of work too,” Jacobs said.

Employees also felt the devastation along with Jacobs. employees like Jennifer Tarter, are still shaken over the loss.

“I was in shock. I felt like it was a nightmare and I just couldn’t wake up. It broke my heart because I’m so close to her. She gave me an opportunity when no one else would. I felt like I lost it too,” Tarter said.

Tarter said her co-workers are her family, and thanks to her new-found employment at the Stockyard Café, this family, will still cook together.

“There’s no worries. I know everything will be all right. If we put god first, everything will fall into place,” Tarter said.