Hit band releases ‘Evergreen’ song about Bowling Green, included in city’s new playlist

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A new single about Bowling Green has prompted the release of an entire playlist made up of songs about the small city in the Commonwealth.

“What better way to share our story than through the incredible words of someone like Spencer or Moon Taxi with this song, but also to showcase the other musicians and songs that have memorialized our town,” said Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Hospitality Services Director Marissa Butler. 

The band Moon Taxi just debuted their new single ‘Evergreen’, highlighting Bowling Green after the deadly tornadoes last December. 

“Seeing pictures of parts of Bowling Green that I was very familiar with and had grown up seeing, seeing them damaged and devastated had an impact on me,” said Moon Taxi guitarist Spencer Thomson. 

Thomson grew up in Bowling Green. Devastated by the impact of the tornadoes, he put his pen to paper and wrote his feelings.

“Hopefully it’s helpful and gives people some warmth and inspiration in Bowling Green and Kentucky, if nothing else, music can be there as comfort for people,” said Thomson. 

The song mentions some of his favorite hometown spots that he frequented growing up as a kid… including Western’s hill and Shanty Hollow.

“Kinda plays into the idea of evergreen, the idea of something being forever young, ties into the spirit of Kentucky, the people of Kentucky,” said Thomson. 

The Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau created a playlist that includes ‘Evergreen’ and other songs about the city as well as songs by musicians who grew up here.

“A lot of them are fun, they’re high spirited, a lot of them will conjure images of our rolling hills, our countrysides, our families, our tight knit relationships,” said Butler. 

You can find the playlist on Spotify and YouTube.